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lanaitaliana stile di vita textiles

It is often surprising how one can be deeply moved in this life, day in and day out, by so many different images… Even that of a simple herd, quietly grazing along the Apennine Mountains or lazily trailing the banks of the river Piave, can provoke the most subtle, yet sublime, of emotions.


Since 2000, Roberto Bottoli has travelled between the Italian regions of Abruzzo, Molise, Marche and Puglia to find and select the best Italian merino fleeces from the breeds Sopravvissana and Gentile di Puglia. Only the finest fleeces are used to make the innovative fabrics labelled Lanaitaliana® Stile di Vita.

100% undyed merino wool


Originally, the most common fleeces were dark in colour. Over the centuries, however, white became more popular because it was better suited for dying. Through careful combinations, and by supporting and advising farmers, Bottoli manages to select the fleece’s natural chromatic tones – from white to dark brown, including intermediary shades such as noisette, tobacco and cocoa. The fleece is later used to produce fabrics just in natural colours that have not been dyed or exposed to chemical treatments.

lanaitaliana stile di vita textiles

lana italiana®: a way of life